Bad News For The New iPhone 7s

iPhone 7S

The key is how Apple will sell the new device, and to whom. Bernstein analysts point out that some iPhone users during this cycle will be 80% higher than when the iPhone 6 came out, one of the most successful models of the company; Therefore, Apple will be interested in appealing to users who want to update their mobile. According to Bernstein, 2018 will be the ideal year for that, because it will be when most users feel that their iPhone has become obsolete.

Based on this theory, the iPhone 8 will come out in 2018, and this 2017 will come out an iPhone 7s. On the other hand that is a risk that Apple probably will not want to assume; It is more likely that Apple will want to shorten the period until an iPhone is considered “obsolete.” The best way to do it is, how not, with an iPhone 8.

Why the next iPhone could be called “iPhone.”

Another important fact to note is that this 2017 is celebrated the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone. Sure Apple wants to do something special, and an iPhone 8 more innovative and revolutionary would fit this idea. But what’s more special than relaunching the range? Indeed, another possibility is that the next iPhone is simply called “iPhone,” so that Apple would send a strong message and get out of the way that we care about names, at the same time.

Not that it’s something new for the company; It is something that already does with the iPad Pro and MacBooks, which are referred to by the year in which they came out and not by any number. However, unlike those ranges, Apple launches at least one new iPhone model each year; So it has more potential to confuse users.

Apple, and Tim Cook, in particular, is facing one of the hardest decisions of the past few years. To be continuous or revolutionary. If you choose the first, we will have an iPhone 7s with improved hardware and little more, and some acceptable but downward sales. If you decide to celebrate the anniversary as it deserves, we will have an iPhone 8 that most people may not be ready to buy by having a modern model.

The next generation of the iPhone will be divided into two versions: a model “7s”, which will be a minor update of the current generation, and an iPhone 8, which will be the biggest evolution of Apple’s mobile in years, and will not be cheap.

New leaks ensure that the iPhone 8 will have a base price of $999, 350 dollars more than what the base model of the iPhone 7 currently costs. In Europe, the number could be even higher, given that the base model has a price of 770 euros and the version “Plus” of 910 euros.

The price difference would have to do with that their technical characteristics will be superior to those of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus that will accompany it in launching. In general, the iPhone 8 is expected to have a much wider screen (5.15 “) without increasing the size of the mobile and without frames, that the Home button disappears, that your fingerprint sensor is hidden in the Apple logo and incorporates a new security measure based on facial recognition. A patent also mentions that it might have support for the Apple Pencil.