How to Install iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Update iOS 11

Presented last Monday the iOS 11 arrived bringing some motorcade of novelties that the users asked for times, one of them is the: shortcut of mobile data in the control center. But not for here, the Apple has implemented numerous novelties that have not been spoken in the event, any of them you will now know.

iOS 11 New Features

1. First and most important: Customizable control center

Yes, it’s true now! We have a fully customizable control center in iOS 11, one of the most requested resources by us users and that it was not permitted on iOS 10. From iOS 11 you will be able to add new shortcuts to the control center.

2. Talk about typing with Siri

Another absorbing function that Apple added is a possibility to be able to chat with Siri just typing if you are shy and do not like to speak publicly with the assistant will like the novelty. To enable this functionality, you need to go into adjustments ⇒ Accessibility ⇒ type for the Siri.

3. QR Code reader native

The iPhone camera application now, too, is a native QR code reader, will no longer need to download third-party applications to read a QR code.

4. Write with one hand

The keyboard has received a small update that will offset all the letters and keys to the left or right side of the screen to allow for easier typing if you are using one hand.

5. Burn iPhone Screen

Recording the iPhone screen was synonymous with Gambiarra, from iOS 11 no more. It will be possible to make the screen recording natively, just play the record icon and ready will already be recording.

6. New Face Calculator

I particularly enjoyed the previous design of the calculator on the iPhone, however, in the next update it will come up with a more rounded design.

7. Wallet

The wallet, application that saves your flight tickets, Apple Pay cards and the discount coupon on the iPhone also gained a small update on the design. It was like this.

8. Have you seen the new signal icon?

That’s right. It’s changed. Now, instead of the polka dots indicating how good the telephony signal was going to have little towers.

9. Mobile data shortcut in control Center

This, without a doubt, is the most anticipated feature of all time in iOS. After years finally, Apple has added a shortcut to activate/deactivate mobile data by the control center, which saves a lot of time.

How To Install iOS 11

This is the fastest and most insecure form of all. To update to iOS 11 “legally” you should have a developer account that costs annually $100 (hundred trumps), as not everyone can afford some people make some changes. Yes, that’s possible. Some developers have already downloaded iOS 11 and provided the. Ipsw file from the system or the update profile for those who want to download. So people go, download the file and install on their respective devices, however, in some cases crashes occur during installation, causing you to restore your appliance from scratch. That’s why it’s unsafe.

I’m going to confess to you that I used this method, and it all worked out, and it’s all working perfectly, with you I can’t guarantee it. I upgraded knowing that risk because I didn’t want to wait for hahaha. But I don’t recommend you do it this way.

It is worth strengthening that the first beta is always the one that has more errors and bugs, that is another reason for you not to upgrade yet if you use it frequently and do not want to have stress with crashes.

For those who have no hurry and prefer to wait to have a clean system and running without crashes, we recommend that you only update when Apple releases the final version of iOS 11, which should arrive in mid-September, next to the launch of iPhone 8.