How to Install tvOS 11 Public Beta On Apple TV

Install the TVOS 11

MacOS High Sierra iOS 11 and watchOS 4 were the highlights of WWDC 2017. But Apple was eager enough to update its Apple TV 4 software pushing it to version 11. tvOS 11 is not a large update. At least not big enough to give some point time to it. However Public Beta is here, and anyone eager enough to give a shot to it may do so without throwing in one dime. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

Installing the tvOS 11 beta is significantly much more complex than a macOS or iOS beta, but it’s also for developers only. For the first time, Apple TV owners have a chance before it is completed to test an upcoming software upgrade. Apple printed TVOS 11 as part of the beta app alongside releasing the iOS 11 beta.

How to download tvOS 11 beta 4 to your Apple TV

Apple has not announced a public beta for tvOS the way in which the company has for iOS and macOS. That means this autumn until it is released to everyone, it’s only available to programmers. If you are a developer and you are having difficulty getting the tvOS beta installed, here is what you have to do.

Unlike Apple’s other operating systems, you can not back up your Apple TV; as such, Apple offers two choices for upgrading tvOS: over the atmosphere, which just updates the system; and via USB-C, which restores the device to its factory settings.

How to set up the tvOS 11 beta over-the-air

A note, before we start: “On the air” is technically a tiny misnomer, as you’ve got to use a USB-C cable to initially connect your Apple TV for your Mac to set up the tvOS configuration profile. That being said, as soon as you’ve set up the configuration profile, then you will be able to update your Apple TV to some beta variants.

The system program is updated by updating over the atmosphere only; apps and your configurations should stay in your own Apple TV as-is.

  1. On your Mac, visit
  2. Click on the blue Download button to the right of tvOS 11 beta setup profile.
  3. Install the Apple Configurator program.
  4. Connect your Apple TV (4th generation) to a Mac using a USB-C cable.
  5. Launch Apple Configurator.
  6. Click on Add Profiles and insert. (Or simply drag and drop the file to the Apple TV icon.)
  7. Once the configuration profile is installed, reboot your Apple TV.
  8. On Settings, click in your Apple TV. Click on System.
  9. Click on Software Update

TvOS 11 should be now detected by your Apple TV and download and install it like any other upgrade.

How To install the tvOS 11 beta on USB-C

You may use the Restore Image option, which connects to your Mac through USB-C, if you prefer to wipe your Apple TV developer unit before updating.

  1. In your Mac, visit
  2. Click on the Download button to the right of tvOS 11 restore picture.
  3. Click on the blue Download button to the best of Xcode 9.
  4. Install Xcode 9 in your Mac.
  5. Connect your Apple TV (4th generation) into a Mac using a USB-C cable.
  6. Launch iTunes. Once it appears in iTunes, Select your Apple TV.
  7. Browse to and click.

I wouldn’t advise giving the tvOS 11 Public Beta a twist on your Apple TV. There is nothing in the software that is very fresh. But if you are a lover of analyzing applications out and favor helping out Apple to fix bugs and whatnot, then be my guest.

Last but not the least, because the upgrade is pushed to customers across the air you won’t lose settings or your files in the procedure. Still, be a little cautious while playing around with the beta program. You will never know if it might turn nasty.

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