Serious Provide Shortages Again Rumored for iPhone 8 Because Of Production Difficulties

iPhone 8

There have been many rumors indicating that the up coming OLED “iPhone 8” may potentially be delayed because of production delays, and in a fresh note to investors shipped out today, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reiterates his prediction that production ramp-up is going to be delayed.

Based on Kuo, who titled his note “Increasing likelihood of worst-case scenario for iPhone shipments,” production ramp up of their iPhone 8 could be delayed to “as late as October-November,” a departure from Apple’s conventional August to September ramp up period.

The end outcome will likely be “severe supply deficits” that persist for “a while” after the brand new i-phone models are introduced in September. Kuo has been trusted Apple will introduce the iPhone at September to be clear. However, he suggests there is a chance that the device will soon be hard to come by for several months after its release.

Rumored for iPhone 8

“iPhone 8” Mock-up with Back Touch ID Detector by Benjamin Gaskin

Due to this iPhone 8 shortages, Kuo considers 80 to 90 million units may be only shipped by Apple away from 100 to 110 million units. Kuo does state it isn’t yet determined if promote competition, along with demand will probably shift the potential to get Touch ID, to this due to questions concerning the usefulness of a 3D detector to be expunged.

While we’re positive on replacement demand set off by OLED iPhone, it’s too early to learn whether demand will shift in this kind of direction.

It’s not unusual for us to hear rumors of production delays and also offer deficits ahead of an iPhone release, and indeed, the iPhone 7 Plus was constrained for months after its launching, but also the warnings concerning the iPhone 8 are popping up with greater regularity from reputable sources and so are more desperate than warnings we’ve seen for past iPhone release cycles.

Rumors have also indicated that Apple is fighting with integrating the Touch ID fingerprint detector under the glass of their 8, which has resulted in production difficulties. Because of these issues, rumors also have suggested that Apple could potentially put Touch ID on the back part of the device or unlikely, remove it altogether in support of additional programs, such as facial recognition. The wording of the document appears to indicate he considers it’s a possibility, although Kuo has not mentioned removing Touch ID entirely in previous research notes.

Apple is also believed to be having trouble with the display lamination process and integrating a 3D sensing front camera system. Given the design changes arriving including the OLED display and also a glass human body, it isn’t surprising to notice that production problems are being caused by many of the newest technologies involved.

Some rumors have suggested Apple could delay the debut of their eight entirely, not introducing it but rumors believe the business will reveal off it and perhaps release it in little quantities.tities.