Ways to Optimize Your New Android Devices

Battery optimization
The first thing you should do is turn off the automatic brightness feature. In this way, the battery in the smartphone can be saved every day.

To turn off this feature, you can go to the Settings> Display> Brightness Level. You can adjust the screen brightness according to your needs.

While familiarizing yourself with the functions available on the smartphone, it helps you simultaneously charge the battery of the device until it is full.


Google Account login
After the familiar functions and some existing features in smartphones, it’s time you log into your Google account.

In this way, you can access some special features, such as Gmail, Play Store, and simultaneously sync data on your device to your Google account.

So that the data packet is not wasteful, it helps you to connect your Android device to the Internet via WiFi networks.

Turn on Android Device Manager
Like most Android users sometimes forget to activate the innate feature of Android. In fact, Android Device Manager can be used to track the location of the phone, lock the phone, and so forth are not detected in time, lost, or stolen.

To activate it, go to Settings> Security> Device Administrators and select the checkbox next to Android Device Manager.

Install Clean Master.
What it Clean Master? Master Clean is an application that can be used to clean Android and to boost the performance of RAM, and clears the cache of data in Android.