Will iPhone 8 Have 512 GB Internal Memory?

iPhone 8 Memory Chips

A variety of reports recently about the iPhone 8 continues to appear on the internet. This time is a new report about a variant of internal memory which will be owned smartphones.

Reported by GSM Arena, iPhone 8 will slide with three choices of internal memory: 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512. All three will be equipped with 3 GB RAM and chip Apple A11.

Information on the internal memory is increasingly strengthened with the release of pictures that allegedly belonged to 64 GB Sandisk chip storage for iPhone 8.

According to a source, storage chip 64 GB and 256 GB for iPhone 8 will be manufactured by Sandisk and Toshiba. While Samsung and Hynix will handle production for internal memory 512.

As for the Apple has not commented on the various party rumors about iPhone 8. Apple’s latest Smartphone is going to be a competitor to flagship already and will be announced in semester II 2017, including Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, and Huawei Mate 10.

Based on a number of information, iPhone 8 well equipped two rear camera, fingerprint sensors behind the scenes, features a new sensor on camera named SmartCam, and iOS 11. While the selling price is estimated at US $1,000.

Apple reportedly will announce the iPhone 8 simultaneously with two 7s series in September 2017. However, iPhone 8 will be the most premium compared to two other smartphones.

Earlier, Foxconn Vice President Luo Zhongsheng, never broached the question of the selling price of the iPhone’s 8. It says, iPhone 8 will not be sold at bargain prices caused an OLED display used. Foxconn is one of the partners of manufacturing a variety of products including the Apple iPhone.

OLED panels are produced with special design, thus making the cost of production is much higher than the screen with the standard form. Therefore, Apple have to spend more money on the screen and make the selling price an iPhone 8 higher.

IPhone screen 8 need a certain amount of adjustment towards the production equipment. This is because the facial scanner camera will be put on the screen iPhone 8, so the manufacturing require a longer time to produce it.

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